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Ohio House Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

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A recent measure that came across the Ohio House, Bill 523, brought forth the question of medical marijuana legalization to the forefront of the state this week. The bill passed with a 71-26 majority vote this past Tuesday.

The bill does allow for the medical use of marijuana, to treat 20 approved medical conditions, however with several caveats. The law does not allow for cannabis to be smoked, however it may be vaporized for medicinal purposes.

All other considerations not foreseen by this will has been decided to be determined by a nine-member Medical Marijuana Control Commission. Such topics of consideration this commission would vote on would be issues regarding zoning, farming, distributing, licensing, and other pertinent subjects.

Although this bill allows for the development of medical marijuana practices, it still allows for communities to be able to prevent dispensaries in certain areas, as well as provides a safety net to avoid liability for businesses who want to maintain a ‘drug-free’ environment.

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If it passes the state Senate, then that’s another state taking steps towards legalization. Any progress is good progress, I say!