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NYC Hotel Now Offers CBD Room Service

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An upscale hotel in NYC (of course, where else?) has begun offering guests a new kind of room service, that is, room service of the CBD kind, Moneyish reports. The James Nomad hotel is now offering a room service menu filled with delicious foods infused with CBD. “We’re always researching new ways to help our guests relax. CBD extract is proven to have calming effects, easing anxiety and stress. With it being legal in all 50 states, we knew we wanted to get involved,” said James La Russo a manager at the hotel.

To prepare these high end CBD goodies, the hotel hired Andrea Drummer, an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute and LA based chef, who began experimenting with cooking with CBD when she began suffering from joint pain. Drummer put some of her favorite comfort foods such as meatballs and tater tots on the menu, but these are not your cafeteria tater tots. Her tater tots with sriracha mayo run $18. Her specialty, the spicy meatballs are $32 and contain 15mg of CBD oil.

Of curse the service doesn’t stop there; guests also have the option to purchase CBD infused beauty products such as CBD lip balm, which goes for $20. I know where I’m staying the next time I’m in NYC!

Source: Moneyish

Image Source: Agoda

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