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Do Not Smoke Wet Weed

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You may have been hearing about something called “wet weed” recently. When I say wet weed, I don’t mean weed that you accidently put in the dryer. This is something else entirely. You may have heard that it will get you really high and that it’s really fun. The first statement is true, the latter statement is false. Wet weed, aka weed dipped in PCP is going to get you really high. It can also possibly kill you. Don’t smoke wet weed. People shouldn’t have to be told not to smoke wet weed, common sense should just tell you not to smoke it. Yet, I am seeing posts on the various social media sites about people smoking that nasty crap. These people are idiots. Don’t smoke wet weed.

I’ve never understood this fascination with mixing weed with other shit. I’ve heard of people mixing it with formaldehyde to make something called “fry”, because it will literally fry your brain. Somebody once gave me a bowl with ground up mushrooms in it, which I don’t think I need to tell you tastes like butt, and only got me moderately as high as eating them would have. I’ve even smoked the wet weed before, that’s why I feel like I can tell you to stay away from that shit. Weed is perfect all by itself. There are strains that can make you feel like you can run up the side of a mountain, and others that can make you want to dream sweet dreams for days. Why upset that delicate balance by adding an unpredictable substance like PCP to the mix?

PCP, aka phencyclidine aka angel dust, is extraordinarily dangerous. People do die from it. When I did it, I was in a friend’s car on our way to Big Sur in California when it kicked in. I tried to claw my way out of my friend’s car. Does that sound like fun to you? Don’t smoke wet weed.

Look,  I’m not here to be your DARE officer or your mom. It’s none of my business what you do with your life or how you experiment. I did my own fair share of experimenting, as I told you above. I’m just looking out for you. Stick good old regular weed that has always been there for you and never done you wrong. Please don’t smoke wet weed.

Image Source: Alternet

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