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No One is Giving out Edibles to Your Kids on Halloween

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Halloween is next week, so it’s time to talk about candy, specifically edibles. A local Fox affiliate recently did a story warning parents of people giving out edibles to children who were trick or treating. Let me just say: parents, no one is giving out edibles to your kids on Halloween. No one does this. A cursory Google search confirms this. What does come up is tons of stories warning about this happening. Canna-haters are spreading this around to scare other people, specifically parents, in the hopes that this will make these parents afraid of cannabis legalization. These people can’t use logic and reason to make their arguments, so they resort to scare mongering.

No one is giving out edibles for free, and they are most certainly not giving them to children on Halloween. Edibles are expensive and no one is wasting their money by giving those out. They’re saving those edibles for themselves. I can count all the times I have been given free illicit substances on my hands, and this was exclusively at parties. I’ve never encountered the  stranger on the street corner giving out free drugs like they were those annoying Christian fliers. I’ve never had a malicious neighbor give me cookies laced with drugs. DARE lied to me about a lot of things, but the biggest lie was that there were strangers lurking in the shadows waiting to give me drugs. Where are my free drugs DARE?

This is similar to the national scare we had when I was a kid over people giving out poisoned candy on Halloween. This is where the recommendation that parents check their kids Halloween candy or refuse to accept homemade baked goods, came from. That turned out to be based on one incident in 1982 when someone gave out candy tainted with aspirin to unsuspecting children. That’s been it though. No one has ever given out edibles and there is no logical reason to. We cannabis users are not monsters.

All of these stories serve one main purpose: to scare you. A scared populace is much easier to manipulate and control. A scared populace is more likely to give up freedoms in exchange for security, in this case legal cannabis. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. No one is giving out edibles to your kids this Halloween.

Image Source: OC Weed Review

Do strangers make a habit of giving you free drugs? How tired are you of these scare tactics? Share with us in the comment section!