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NIDA Website Tones Down Negative Language on Cannabis

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Some recent changes to the official site for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) regarding negative language on cannabis, have some wondering if maybe the US government is beginning to see the light regarding cannabis prohibition. According to a story on MassRoots, the NIDA site quietly made some recent changes to some of the wording, in particular anything having to do with addiction and overdose.

According to the original story, before Wednesday the page contained the word “addiction” in reference to cannabis use three different times. NIDA replaced the word with the much more innocuous “marijuana use disorder”. As an example, the page said, “Where can people get treatment for marijuana addiction?” The updated wording now asks “Where can people get use for marijuana use disorder?” The site also removed wording referring to overdoses, for example, the sentence “There are no reports of teens or adults fatally overdosing (dying) on marijuana alone.” was reworded as “There are no reports of teens or adults dying from marijuana alone.”

While this might not seem like that large of a deal, removing negative language on cannabis shows a shift in attitudes by those in the nation’s highest office dealing with drug use and abuse. Such a shift may signal that NIDA acknowledges that cannabis is not the dangerous gateway drug that they and other government agencies have claimed it is for decades. Could this possibly lead to them recommending the DEA reschedule cannabis, or dare I suggest removing it from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) for good?  We can only hope.

You can view the updated NIDA site here.

Source: MassRoots

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Does this change to the NIDA site mean anything? Is there a possible change on the horizon? Share in the comments!