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Hey NFL! Let Your Players Use Cannabis!

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The Superbowl was yesterday, and as was expected there were a few injuries. I’m not going to talk about the game. My team didn’t make it, so I wasn’t all that invested in the game. While watching, I was thinking about the massive amount of injuries these athletes are subjected to and how much better off they would be if they were allowed to smoke weed.

It’s well past time for the NFL to allow their players to treat themselves with cannabis. Anyone who has played football knows how dangerous the game can be, even if they haven’t played professional football. Football players open themselves up to all kinds of injuries, especially head injuries or spinal injuries. All professional athletes are drug tested, and the acceptable way for them to treat their injuries is by using prescription painkillers. As a result, they end up addicted to painkillers. Most professional athletes end up spending the end of their careers and subsequent retirement in horrible pain, and addicted to dangerous opiates. 

Now that cannabis is legal for medical use in over half of the country, it’s time for the NFL to reverse its strict anti-cannabis policy. Derrick Morgan, linebacker for the Tennessee Titans, is the only current NFL player to come out in favor of cannabis. The fact that there is only one current player speaking out is probably not because the rest of the players are anti-cannabis; they would probably just prefer not to rock the boat.

Retired players have not been shy at all about coming out. Last fall, Morgan and eight former players sent an open letter to the organization. The letter, which you can read here, cites multiple scientific studies showing how effective cannabis is at treating chronic pain. It also cites studies that show how harmful and addictive prescription painkillers are.

Heisman trophy winner Ricky Williams is well known for his cannabis use. In the midst of his career with the Miami Dolphins, he abruptly announced his retirement before the start of the 2004 season. He had tested positive for cannabis and was facing a four game suspension, along with a 650K fine.

Williams is now embracing his stoner reputation, rather than shying away from it as he did a decade ago. Williams is now exploring a variety of different cannabusiness ventures, including co-founding a cannabis friendly gym. Naturally, he’s one of the eight former players who signed the open letter. Williams estimates that he lost around 5 million dollars due to fines and suspensions because of failing his drug tests, as well as all the times he was out because he was injured.

Commissioner Roger Goodell insists that the NFL is a family organization and they have an image to maintain. Sure, I can understand that. This is coming from the same guy who covered up spousal abuse by one of his players, so sure, you keep singing that tune, Roger. There’s also nothing family friendly about turning your players into pill junkies. Allowing players to treat their injuries with cannabis would probably extend their careers, which can only mean more money for the organization as well. So, let them use cannabis. It’s well past time.

Image Source: Orlando Sentinel

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