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Next Semester You Should Take One of These Cannabis Classes

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We’re a few weeks into the fall semester, so it’s probably too early to be thinking about what courses you’re going to be taking next semester. Some colleges are now offering cannabis classes now. These are classes  that you’re definitely going to want to take, especially if you want a good job in the booming cannabis industry.

Now when I say cannabis classes, I’m not referring to classes that teach you how to smoke weed, or teach you stoner appreciation, or anything like that. These are serious courses, designed to educate you on cannabis. Let’s look at some of the cannabis classes being offered at a university near you.

If you’re a student at UC Davis, you can take “The Physiology of Cannabis”, a health course which looks at cannabis and the effects that different cannabinoids have on the body. This would be a good course for you to take if you’re planning on being a budtender who advises customers on different cannabis strains.

If you are planning on being a lawyer, specializing in clients in the cannabis industry, then University of Ohio’s Moritz College of Law’s Marijuana Law, Policy, and Reform Seminar. This class would also be useful to you if you are planning on focusing on the area of cannabis law reform.

If you want to go into the healthcare field, University of Washington is offering “Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain” to medical students. As the name implies, this course focuses on the effects of medicinal cannabis on treating chronic pain. UCLA will also be setting up a cannabis research center, which will be run by Dr. Jeff Chen. Dr. Chen is a renowned cannabis researcher and was once even featured in Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30”, according to his LinkedIn page.

There are plenty of options for enterprising students looking to go into the cannabis industry. Which one will you explore?

Source: Forbes

Image Source: Daily Bruin

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