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New York Health Department: Legalize it!

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Recently, the New York State department of health surprised everyone by coming out and saying that legalizing cannabis is the right move for the state, Bloomberg reports. Earlier this year, New York governor Andrew Cuomo asked for a report from the health department regarding the benefits of legalizing cannabis. The conclusions from the study, which has ran since January, are great news for legalization proponents, though not entirely unsurprising.

The Regulated Marijuana Report was put together from a compilation of peer reviewed studies on cannabis and its effects on public health, safety, etc. Naturally the report also showed that cannabis would be a great method of harm reduction when it came to opiate addiction.

The report states that, “Studies have found notable associations of reductions in opioid prescribing and opioid deaths with the availability of marijuana products.” Not surprising at all. “States with medical marijuana programs have been found to have lower rates of opioid overdose deaths than other states,” the report continues. Again, this is even more not surprising. The opiate crisis is quickly becoming one of the biggest public health issues of the decade.

Of course, there’s also the money. Let’s not forget that Cuomo is a huge fan of money, as are most politicians. Cuomo did say earlier this year that he was not in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis. This was around the same time that Cynthia Nixon, his opponent in the gubernatorial race, has said that she is in favor of legalization. This combined with the New York health department’s report will most likely make Cuomo cave to pressure.

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