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These New Weed Vending Machines are Changing the Way We Buy Cannabis

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One of the most pervasive portrayals of the future I saw when I was growing up showed humans buying everything out of vending machines. In many parts of the world, such as Japan, you can buy almost anything you can possibly think of out of a vending machine. One thing I never thought that I would buy out of a vending machine was weed. Now, thanks to legalization and modern technology, this has changed and we are about to enter into a new age of buying our bud.

Grasshopper Kiosks recently announced in a press release their plans to release a new line of vending machines for the purposes of dispensing cannabis to consumers. Not everyone has time to go to a dispensary. Some people might live miles away from the closest dispensary. Others would prefer to not be seen going into one. These new weed vending machines are just for you.

The new vending machines are of course climate controlled, to ensure the freshness of the product you are buying. No one wants to buy bud that’s all dried out and turned to dust. What would be the point of that? Grasshopper Kiosks also plans to sell concentrates and other small items like spare parts for vapes and other such things.

The new kiosks are of course compliant with the strict ADA regulations that all dispensaries are subject to. They also work as mini-marketing execs by keeping track of trends such as which products are selling the quickest, etc., by using what is called a Controlled Access Inventory System.

Of course, weed vending machines have already existed for years. Colorado unveiled its first automated dispensary back in 2014. They just weren’t this technologically advanced. Also, I don’t think there’s any chance that these machines will put regular dispensaries out of business. There are some consumers who will always prefer going to see their neighborhood budtender.  These machines are for the stoner who is always on the go. As someone who loves convenience, I can hardly wait to see these pop up.


Image Source: Daily Beast

Do you think weed vending machines are the future of buying cannabis? Do you prefer the dispensary? Tell us all about it in the comment section!