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New Study: Cannabis Use Not Linked to Suicidal Behavior

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One argument that canna-haters love to use is that cannabis use can exacerbate mental health issues in people with existing mental health issues, up to and including making them feel suicidal. As it turns out, that is not the case. New research from a study released by McMaster University shows that there is no correlation between suicidal behavior and cannabis use by people with existing psychiatric issues. Data from past studies had said that cannabis use could be linked to suicidal behavior in the general public.

Researchers combined data from two other studies, one a cohort study on opiate use, and another study on suicidal behavior. A total of 909 patients with prior psychiatric issues were looked at (465 men and 444 women). Out of this total 270 patients had attempted suicide (112 men and 158 women). What the study did show was that women tended to be more at risk for suicidal behavior. Of course, researchers all agree that more research is needed.

This does not mean that people with prior existing mental health issues should immediately go out and start smoking a ton of weed. You should always be careful with mind altering substances, especially if you have a history of mental health problems. If you are taking any medications for these issues, you should always ask your doctor before using cannabis as it can interact badly with some medications.


Image Source: The Ascent

Are you a person with mental health issues that also uses cannabis? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments!