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New Study: Cannabis Reduces Seizures In Children With Dravet Syndrome

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As a cannabis lover, you are probably familiar with the story of Charlotte, the little girl with a rare seizure disorder called Dravet Syndrome. Charlotte had over three hundred seizures a day. Her parent’s decided to try giving her cannabidiol or CBD, the non psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. After being given cannabidiol Charlotte’s seizures went almost entirely away and she has been able to live a normal life, enjoying all the things young children should be able to do. Charlotte even had a strain named after her, the CBD strain Charlotte’s Web, which I smoked a joint of when I had a sinus infection and it was awesome.

We’ve known that CBD can be used to treat Dravet Syndrome for quite some time now, but now there is hard data to back this up, thanks to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Opponents of legalization always say that they would like to see more scientific evidence about the medical benefits of cannabis and here it is.

In the study consisting of 120 participants, half were given a CBD compound and half were given a placebo for 14 weeks. Those in the experimental group saw the number of seizures per month go down by about half. The number of convulsive seizures also decreased drastically by 50% in 43% of the same group.

Hopefully the results of this study make it easier for other parents to utilize this medicine for their children. There have been quite a few cases where parents have given their children CBD, only to have their children taken away by Child Protective Services, and that is really sad. Dravet Syndrome is a horrible disease and the children who suffer from it are condemned to a short, brutal life. To borrow a line from the anti-legalization people, “Think of the children!.” These people claim to care about kids. It’s about time they show it.

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