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New Strain “Sexxpot” Will Set Your Love Life On Fire

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In my line of work it helps to be knowledgeable in the subject of cannabis. This is why I make it a goal of mine to research and seek out all the new cannabis strains I can find. Imagine my surprise when I read about a strain of cannabis that also doubles as an aphrodisiac.

The strain, named Sexxpot, was developed by Karyn Wagner, founder of the cannabis company Paradigm Medical Marijuana. According to an interview with Wagner in New York Magazine, she came up with the idea when she smoked a joint before getting down and dirty with her partner. Apparently the sex rocked so much, Wagner decided to take that strain’s qualities and create her own.Thus, Sexxpot was born.

Sexxpot is an indica strain. It is a different variety of a strain called “Mr. Nice” which is known for being relaxing and giving the user a nice, euphoric high. Apparently it also makes it easier for women to climax, which just sounds awesome.

There are other cannabis infused products for sex out there, like cannabis lube. Almost any strain of indica makes fooling around more fun (stay away from sativas). This is however, the first time a cannabis strain was marketed entirely toward women. Girl power!

Sexpott is already a huge hit with women, who are using it to treat low libido, which is a lot more common in women than men. The strain has less THC than other strains, which is a positive for this type of purpose. Strains that are too high in THC can actually hinder your sexual performance, especially your ability to connect with a partner. Sexxpott’s THC content is one of the reasons that it works so well.

It does work much better for women rather than men, so guys, here’s a strain that you can get just for your stoner girlfriend. I’m pretty sure she’ll be plenty eager to try it out.

Source: New York Magazine

Image Source: Photobucket/ blackdogcriticalmass