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New Poll: Support for Legal Cannabis is High as a Kite!

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The legalization movement finally got a bit of good news with the results a new Gallup poll. The new poll results showed that support for legalizing cannabis is at an all time high, with 64 percent of adults support legalization. This is even higher than last year’s poll, which showed only 60 percent. This result is also reportedly 5 times higher than when the poll was first conducted in 1969. Support doubled in the eighties and remained fairly stagnant up until the early 2000’s. Things really began to take off as legalization swept the nation.

These new results are not at all surprising, considering a total of eight states put legalizing cannabis on their ballots last year, and even more are expected to do so in next year’s midterm elections. People are finally realizing the truth about cannabis: though it’s not completely harmless, it’s not nearly the danger that cannahaters have made it out to be.

What actually is surprising in this poll is that support from Republican voters has reached an all time high. Now, a majority of Republicans support legalizing cannabis. This has never happened before, and to be honest, I thought it would take a lot longer. Support from Republicans went up a total of nine percentage points from last year.

Gallup poll 2017

Source: Gallup

Will this new bipartisan support have any bearing on the Justice Department’s decision on whether or not to go after legal cannabis? We can hope so, since legalization is no longer just a Democrat thing. Cannabis has a lot of bipartisan support in Congress too, where there is almost no support for stricter enforcement. With protections under the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment set to expire the beginning of December, we’ll find out soon enough.

How high up will support be when the results of next year’s poll come out? I can hardly wait to see!

Source: Gallup News

Image Source: Vox

Do the results of this poll surprise you? How will this fare for future legalization efforts? Share in the comments!