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New Poll: Almost Half Of Americans Have Tried Cannabis

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A new Gallup poll out recently shows that 45%, or almost half of Americans claim that they have tried cannabis at least once. This is the highest this number has been since the poll began asking this question back in 1969. Back then only 4% admitted to trying cannabis (I’m sure the actually number was probably a lot higher. That certainly makes sense considering a majority of Americans support legalizing cannabis.

There were other interesting findings as well. Only 12% say claim to currently use cannabis, which is double the percentage it was in 2013 when Gallup first asked the question. Currently, more men than women claim to have tried and currently use cannabis (48% and 35% respectively), though the number of women users has increased. Younger people are more likely to use cannabis currently 18% of adults 18-29 claim they currently use cannabis, compared to only 10% in the 30-49 crowd. In contrast,  the 30-49 and the 50-64 crowd were more likely to have tried cannabis (51% and 49%) compared to 29 and under (38%). Lastly, 13% of people making under 30k a year were using cannabis, compared to 10% who made between 30 -74,999 and 9% making 75k or more

What do these results tell us? First, a higher percentage of younger people are using cannabis, but fewer have tried it. Fewer older adults are frequent users of cannabis, but more have tried it.Cannabis use seems to decline with age. Interesting since the older you get, the better cannabis is for you. I also suspect that more people have tried cannabis, or are currently using it than are letting on. There is still a stigma out there after all. Cannabis use is more popular and socially acceptable than ever before. Will this affect Jeff Sessions decisions on whether or not to crackdown on legal cannabis? I guess we’ll find out soon.


Image Source: Newsweek

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