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The New Haute Cuisine Is Cannabis Cuisine

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Now that a growing number of states across the country have legalized cannabis for recreational use, we’re starting to see it everywhere. One place that you’re definitely seeing cannabis more is restaurants and private high end dinner parties.

There was once a time where seeing cannabis outside of a dispensary would have been unthinkable. Now, we live in a time where famous chefs are cooking up some serious gourmet meals, all of which have been infused in some way with cannabis. It’s definitely a different way to do edibles, and probably the best munchies that you’ll ever have.

One such person is chef Miguel Trinidad, who owns Filipino restaurant Jeepney, in NYC. Trinidad partnered with edible brand 99th Floor Dinners to create some of the most dank food known to man. To read more about him you can check out this piece Elite Daily did on him.

If you live in a major city of any state where recreational cannabis is legal, you will be able to find restaurants serving cannabis cuisine. Naturally, they are all over Seattle and Denver. LA has had different chefs experimenting with different recipes for a couple years now. The LA Weekly did a piece on cannabis chef to the stars Andrea Drummer, a private chef and co-owner of the company VIP Elevation Co-op, which throws extravagant dinner parties. The slideshow is the ultimate in food porn.

Of course, as any stoner knows, there are other ways to enjoy cannabis other than edibles. Some savvy entrepreneurs have figured out a way around the strict public consumption laws in their states, by offering cannabis tasting dinners. Anyone who has been to any kind of tasting dinner knows what an amazing experience they can be. Imagine eating the fanciest meal you’ve probably ever had, along with smoking a strain which perfectly matches that food. For those who’ve never been to a tasting dinner, it’s a dinner where each course is paired with a wine specifically selected for that particular course. Considering how delicious food tastes when you’re baked, one can imagine that going to one of these dinners would be on any stoner’s bucket list.

If you don’t live anywhere near a city with cannabis cuisine, perhaps you should consider moving. I’m kidding, of course. Maybe. If you don’t then you can always make your own cannabis cuisine. There are recipes for edibles all over the internet, and of course cannabis cookbooks. What a time to be alive.

Image Source: International Business Times

Have you been fortunate enough to try any cannabis cuisine? Tell us all about it in the comments!