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New DEA Head: Pot Still Dangerous

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Marijuana is dangerous and that’s that. Why? Well, because I said so. Such is the logic behind the argument of newly appointed DEA Chief, Chuck Rosenberg.

Rosenberg recently sat down for an interview with Fox News’ James Rosen in which they discussed multiple issues, the more notable among them being the current legal status of cannabis. Although Rosenberg was actually willing to admit that the plant is less dangerous than other Schedule I drugs, a move that in itself signifies a break with his predecessors, he remained resolute in his insistence that cannabis is a dangerous drug that should remain within its current classification.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” he responded when Rosen suggested that maybe it was time to rethink the so called drug’s scheduling. “Marijuana is dangerous. It certainly is not as dangerous as other Schedule I controlled substances; it’s not as dangerous as heroin, clearly, but it’s still dangerous. It’s not good for you . . . If we come up with a medical use for it, that would be wonderful. But we haven’t.”

Meanwhile, another branch of the same government Rosenberg’s organization supposedly reports to just came out admitting that cannabis does in fact, inhibit cancer growth. Maybe the email ended up in his spam file.

While out of one side of his mouth, Rosenberg held fast to the age-old myth that cannabis is dangerous, he used the other side to more or less admit that it’s no more dangerous, if not less dangerous, than alcohol. Yet, when Rosen suggested banning alcohol, the DEA Chief had no problem negating his own previous argument.

“We – we tangled with that as a society in the 1930s. And we know how that went. That’s the law of the land; I get it. I choose not to drink alcohol but I’m not going to impose that on anyone else.”

Rosenberg, who doesn’t drink and has never tried cannabis, says that his only personal vice is drinking too much diet soda, which means that while he is determined to keep a proven cure for cancer illegal, he enjoys something that has been shown to actually cause cancer.  Diet Soda: The Taste of Irony.