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New DEA Administrator Implies Marijuana Is Safer Than Heroin

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We all know it to be true, but politics always find a way of cornering public officials into shifty stances on controversial topics. However, some surprising comments from the new DEA administrator suggest that he may recognize, at least somewhere deep down, that marijuana is safer than heroin.

That doesn’t mean we’ll see a change in policy any time soon, but it does mean that support will likely come swiftly when the irresponsible drug laws surrounding marijuana are reversed. He couldn’t say it outright, and he’s probably still quite misinformed on many levels, as shown by the way he phrased his stance:

“Let me say it this way: I’d rather be in a car accident going 30 miles an hour than 60 miles an hour, but I’d prefer not to be in a car accident at all.”

While we disagree with the analogy on many levels, it’s a positive sign from an office that has been notoriously strict on marijuana. Even those legally allowed on a state level to grow and possess cannabis have been subject to constant harassment. Cases in California have gained attention since the launch of their medical marijuana program 17 years ago, but it’s still happening all over the country.

Perhaps this new stance will bring a fresh and enlightened perspective on cannabis consumption in the United States. While it’s unlikely that any major change will come soon, this can only be seen as a good sign of what’s to come.