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New Bill Would Protect Federal Employees in Legal States

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Living in a legal state is great, but what’s not great is that currently you can still be fired for failing a drug test. As a result a number of federal employees who live in legal states cannot exercise their liberty to use cannabis. This is even the case for federal medical users, who are being denied their medicine because of draconian drug policies in the US. A new bill introduced late last month aims to change all that.

The bill, introduced on July 26th, would make it so employees of the federal government would not be fired for their cannabis use. Currently, cannabis is a schedule I drug at a federal level, so any federal employee who failed a drug test for cannabis would find their job in serious jeopardy.

The “Fairness in Federal Drug Testing Under State Laws Act” was introduced by Charlie Crist (D-FL) and Drew Ferguson (R-GA) would protect federal employees from being fired for off the clock cannabis usage, as long as it was not suspected that they were getting high on the job.

There is no guarantee of course that this bill will pass. So far any bill considering relaxing of rules surrounding cannabis use has been immediately blocked before any vote could take place. It’s likely that this one will too, so temper your expectations.

Source: Marijuana Moment

Image Source: Business insider

Will this bill pass, or will it suffer the fate of other congressional cannabis bills? Tell us in the comments!