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Nevada Will Begin Cannabis Sales July 1st

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It was touch and go there for a while, but it looks like Nevada will officially open its legal cannabis market on July 1st as planned. A court ruling earlier this week granted an injunction that was requested by state liquor distributors, which would have resulted in dispensaries being denied their distribution licenses. Alcohol wholesalers demanded that they be granted exclusive rights to distribution licenses for a full 18 months. All of this would have resulted in the delayment of the market.

Well, it looks like there will be no delay after all. Nevada state regulators indicated yesterday that they planned to go ahead with issuing retail licenses to dispensaries, which will allow dispensaries to begin selling product to the public next week. It’s important to note that the court order prevents the issuing of distribution licenses, not retail licenses. Distribution licenses allow dispensaries to transport cannabis, whereas retail licenses allow them to sell to the public. It’s possible that dispensaries will run into a problem when they sell all of their product, because they will not be able to restock their inventory if they don’t have the required distribution licenses.

Luckily, the ruling issued by the judge is only temporary. The issue may be resolved fairly quickly, or tied up in court for months, it’s anyone’s guess. The situation in Nevada is interesting, however. It shows that alcohol wholesalers are only interested in how much money they can make off the popularity of cannabis. Anyways, I’ve been looking for a reason visit Vegas again. I’ll see you guys on the Strip!

Source: Leafly

Image Source: Vegas Insiders Club

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