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The Nevada Tax Commission’s Plan To Deal With The Cannabis Shortage

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Nevada opened their recreational cannabis market only two weeks ago and the state is already running out of cannabis. Were this any other state they would just get more, but things are complicated in Nevada. To sum it up, only the state’s liquor distributors are allowed distribution licenses, yet none of them have been approved for these distribution licenses. As a result, dispensaries are not allowed to transport their inventory. This led to the cannabis shortage and panic ensued across Nevada.

This week, the Nevada Tax Commission unanimously approved emergency measures which will allow more businesses to obtain distribution licenses. Jim Devolld, chairman of the Nevada Tax Commission had this to say, “We’re trying to do the right thing. This is such an important time in the state of Nevada’s existence.” Governor Brian Sandoval (R) approved and signed the emergency measures yesterday.

When voters opted to legalize recreational cannabis last fall, one of the conditions in the ballot measure was that distribution licenses only be granted to liquor distributors for the first eighteen months. There were very few takers. Whether this was because they didn’t want to get involved in the long and complicated process of getting the licenses, or they just wanted to keep the new cannabis market from flourishing because they feared the competition, I don’t know. I would venture a guess and say it was a bit from column A and column B. Now, thanks to the Nevada Tax Commission’s actions, it looks like the cannabis crisis in Nevada has been averted.

Source: LA Times

Image Source: Curbed

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