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Nevada Is Already Running Out Of Weed

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Nevada’s legal cannabis market has been operational for barely a week and they’re already running out of weed. Nevada’s recreational cannabis market has far surpassed original expectations, and now because of a court battle over distribution licenses, dispensaries are facing an inventory shortage. Al Fasano, owner of  ReLeaf, a medical cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas said that he had 7-8 times as many customers as he normally did. “The line is out the door and the line just doesn’t stop. People are there when we open and they’re there when we close,” he told CNN Money.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Nevada has already made an estimated 1 million in taxes. Dispensaries have also been raking in the dough and have pulled in as much as 3 million. Nevada, which is already known for being a tourist draw, is seeing even more people visiting from out of state than usual. People are excited, and understandably so.

Unfortunately, the battle over distribution licenses in the state’s cannabis market continues. It looks like there’s enough inventory to last for maybe another week at the most, then dispensaries will be out for good. The state is considering adopting emergency regulations, which would expedite the process of acquiring distribution licenses.

Acquiring a distribution in Nevada is a tricky business. After voters approved legalization, the state decided that licenses should go exclusively to the state’s liquor distributors for the first 18 months. When liquor distributors showed recalcitrance, the state decided to drop the requirement, which of course pissed off liquor distributors, leading to the lawsuit by the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada.

Hopefully the state can resolve its issues with the distribution licenses, because I can’t imagine what would be a bigger buzzkill for Nevada than running out of weed.

Source: CNN Money

Image Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

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