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Mike Tyson is Getting into the Legal Cannabis Business

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Former world heavyweight champion, convicted rapist and biter of ears, Mike Tyson is just the latest celebrity to jump into the legal weed business. Late last year, Tyson and his new business partners purchased forty acres of land near a small desert town named California City. The land, which they are calling Tyson Ranch will be used to develop a weed resort/ growing facility, celebrity gossip site The Blast reports.

Half of the area, or 20 acres will be used for growing cannabis. The other 20 acres of the ranch will be used for building a growing school where growers will learn the latest and greatest ways to perfect their own strains, a facility for making edibles, a growing supply store, and an area for luxury camping, aka “glamping.”

California City mayor Jennifer Wood is extremely excited about the venture, telling reporters that Mike Tyson’s new business venture would in effect revitalize the town, calling it a “rebirth” for the town. Mike Tyson, despite his violent past, has always been passionate about the healing power of cannabis. This resort will no doubt draw a large number of high profile clientele, and will certainly save this small town’s struggling economy. 

This is just another example of how legalization gives more back to local communities than prohibition ever did. There’s no doubt that California’s cannabis market will do this for other small California towns. Now, if only we could work on releasing people with drug charges from prison.

Source: The Blast

Image Source: Celebrity Insider

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