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Here’s Why Microdosing Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing In Medicinal Cannabis

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In 1999, when Dr. Allen Frankel was diagnosed with a viral infection in his heart and given only six months to live, he didn’t see much hope. Then his patients told him to try cannabis. So he did. Not only did it cure his viral infection, it also cured his depression. Fast forward years later to 2006 and Dr. Frankel has opened his own practice specializing in medicinal cannabis. Frankel has used his talents to develop different formulas of cannabis oil, made up of different combinations of THC and CBD oil.

Through the years that he’s been operating his practice Dr. Frankel also discovered that his patients had the best results when they were microdosing, that is taking the minimum amount to be effective.

So, what exactly is microdosing? Well, as you probably know, the vast majority of people who are taking cannabis medicinally are not doing it to get stoned. In fact, many medicinal cannabis patients would prefer not to get high at all. Microdosing ensures that patients only feel the effects that they want and none of the effects that they don’t. What it involves is taking small amounts of cannabis, usually in oil or tincture form, and then slowly increasing the dosage as needed.

So, why is microdosing going to be the future of medicinal cannabis? With microdosing, patients don’t need to worry about feeling paranoid, or being too inebriated to drive or perform their daily activities. Their cannabis is simply a medicine rather than a “drug” in their eyes. Through this process cannabis will be hopefully become more acceptable as mainstream medicine and regular people will cease to think of cannabis as an illicit substance.

Source: Rolling Stone

Image Source: Wikileaf

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