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Michigan Police Throw an 80 Year Old Woman in Jail for Expired Medical Card

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Earlier this month Michigan police threw an eighty year old grandmother in jail for having an expired medical card. No, seriously, that did happen and it shows just how absurd cannabis laws are in the US.

Clare County police arrested 80 year old Delores Saltzman after they found cannabis in her home and she admitted that her medical card was expired. Saltzman uses cannabis medicinally to help her manage her pain from arthritis and various other health conditions.  Police decided that this old woman, who uses cannabis as medicine, was a criminal and deserved to spend a night in jail, simply for having an expired medical card.

Police came to Saltzman’s home searching for someone who was supposed to have been staying there, upon arriving police smelled cannabis and proceeded to search her home. They found, according to Fox 17, “several pipes, four joints, and one purple jar with an undisclosed amount of cannabis.” Fox reports that when asked Saltzman told them that she had less than an eighth.

Saltzman was held for one night. Police said once she showed proof that she had her medical card renewed the charges would be dropped. The Clare County Sheriff’s Office stands by its decision to jail an elderly woman suffering from debilitating arthritis.

The actions of Clare County deputies shows just how absurd laws concerning cannabis are in the US, particularly in how they are enforced. This woman was no threat. Meanwhile police who shoot and kill unarmed black people are allowed to go free with no repercussions. After she was released from jail, Saltzman pleaded with Michigan voters to support full legalization so others would not have to experience her ordeal.

Source: Fox 17

Should the police have thrown an 80 year old woman in jail for having an expired medical card? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!