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Mexico Says Cannabis Criminalization Unconstitutional

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On Halloween, the Mexican Supreme Court surprised everyone with their latest ruling that cannabis criminalization is unconstitutional. Reuters reports that the court ruled in favor of two separate cases that were filed challenging cannabis criminalization. This now creates a precedent that Mexico’s lower courts must abide by. Will full on legalization in Mexico be next? It seems likely.

Legalization advocates rejoiced. “This is a historic day,” said Fernando Belaunzaran, member of the leftist Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD) and a drug law reformer. This decision is huge, and may likely lead to other countries making the same rulings, leading to a tidal wave of legalization that could end the drug war forever. At least, that’s what one would hope would happen.

It’s important to note that the ruling does not say anything about being able to sell it, so you’re not likely to see dispensaries any time soon. One thing to consider is how this will affect drug war policies in the US, where Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department has been going pretty hard for reigniting the drug war. If Mexico decides to legalize recreational cannabis, that will mean that the US is surrounded by weed. Will they just accept the inevitable, or will they go full bore drug warrior. I’m betting on the latter, but we will just have to see.

Source: Reuters

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