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Meet PotBot: Your New Virtual Budtender

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Cannabis has been making headlines in the past few months with repeated victories in legalization for recreational and medical use, as well as the development of a worldwide cannabis market. The next development that might be making waves in the cannabis market will possibly be replacing your local budtender. From Potbotics comes a device that will help patients and consumers choose a strain to purchase based on personal preference named “PotBot.”

The PotBot is an automated budtender that offers strain suggestions to patients and consumers after getting preliminary information from the buyer. PotBot takes into consideration any medical conditions of the consumer, their preferred tastes, the type of high they want to experience, and so on to recommend strains ideal to their toking experience and needs. PotBot will be available in app form, as well as be sold as a kiosk by Potbotics for use in dispensaries.

PotBot is not the first to offer a weed reviewal and recommendation service, however. Leafly, likely the largest cannabis review site in the world offers thousands of reviews on hundreds of strains. Although similar in purpose, the results and recommendations of these two services couldn’t be more different. The data that helps PotBot determine the ideal strain of choice comes from scientific and medical studies, rather than reviews submitted by consumers like Leafly’s service.

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PotBot seems like it will be a great tool to help people select their strains, but I also like to read the personal testimonies from Leafly, which service sounds better to you? Or do you prefer just asking your local budtender? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!