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Meet The Man Who Saved The Dabs- Johnny B

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If you’ve ever seen a one-hitter bat with serrations in the tip and thought, “Hey, what a great idea!” Or if you store your dabs in the revolutionary silicone containers from NoGoo, (and even if you’re not, what are you waiting for?) you have one man to thank, someone who didn’t even have any intentions to enter the fray of cannabis commerce.

That man is Jon Braveman, or “Johnny B,” as he is known in the biz, inventor of the Digger One Hitter and owner of the incredible NoGoo Nonstick Product brand (you know, the containers that will actually let you smoke all of your dabs).

It all started one fateful day in the early 2000’s when Johnny was toking it up on his glass one-hitter. After accidentally dropping it, he noticed a chip in the tip of his bat, leading to an idea that would change the foundations of what makes a quality one-hitter. Johnny B realized that the chipped bat now dug and grabbed weed much easier than before, so he decided to build upon this principle until the creation of the only one-hitter you should ever buy, The Digger.

“This was back in 2006, before it was cool to be in the industry, when it was much harder, in fact. There was a pretty heavy social stigma attached to it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We sought patent approval and a manufacturing relationship and then were off to the races,” said Johnny B in an interview.

Fortunately for the world, Johnny B didn’t, couldn’t, stop working in the cannabis business, and ended up with a second product line that changed the world of dabbing infinitely for the better. The NoGoo brand is meant to help you out for whatever your dabbing or concentrate needs. From silicone containers to mats, the silicone products allow users to use all of their concentrate due to none sticking to the silicone, whereas users lose an average of 5% of their purchase when storing concentrates in glass containers.  His line of food grade high quality silicone containers has allowed consumers and dispensaries to preserve an immeasurable amount of concentrate.

Johnny B now sells all of his products, along with other essential dabbing tools, at as well as on Grasscity.
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Do yourself a favor and check out both of Johnny B’s product lines, especially if you are a dabbing expert! Which of his products do you already own? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!