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Meet Jane

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To both new and old friends – welcome! Grasscity invited me to share my story here, and I’m so excited to get started. To kick things off, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself and how the hell I ended up where I am today…

One day in 2013, as Colorado prepared to roll out its recreational cannabis program, I had an idea. Why not incorporate the plant I love so much into the dinner parties I was hosting for my friends? Why couldn’t cannabis be as prevalent at get-togethers as alcohol? Within a few months, I started Edible Events Company, and began hosting exclusive, sophisticated cannabis parties. Suddenly my events were selling out, I was gaining national and international media attention, and all eyes were on me (no pressure). Lo and behold, the city soon stepped in, declared my events illegal, and popped me with a criminal misdemeanor charge (more on that later….).

In 2014, I founded Women Grow, which showed me what happens when you follow your gut. I KNEW it needed to exist and there was latent demand for this organization. The number of incredible, diverse, powerful women who are in this space is profoundly inspiring, and to bring them all together was a very rewarding thing. These women push me to be better every single day, and I truly believe founding that group has been one of my greatest accomplishments.

Fast forward to today – I’m living my dream running a majority female-owned company creating beautiful, unique products for the legal lifestyle that is beginning to take shape. Creating a lifestyle brand that invites women to incorporate cannabis into their lives without shame or fear is truly my calling. We released beautiful cobalt blue bongs and glass accessories with Grav Labs earlier this year and the feedback has been awesome. In a few months, we’ll be launching the first Jane West line of proprietary cannabis accessories–designed to blend in with the most beautiful items that women are already carrying around in their bags everyday.

Thanks to Grasscity, every month I will share my musings on cannabis and life right here. I’m a mother of two, I consume cannabis every day, and I’m healthier, more fit, and more successful than ever before. Forget stereotypes. Screw fear. As so many of you already know, this plant has the power to change our lives. I hope you’ll join me in fighting the stigma and showing the world how cannabis can positively impact our world. The conversation starts here, among friends, but it has the most impact out in the everyday world. This movement needs your voice.

Here’s to a brighter and greener future,