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Meet the Face Behind Wana Gummies

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I remember the first time I tried Wana Brands’ sour gummy edibles. It was right after Colorado legalized 6 years ago and a friend of mine had managed to bring back a small package of their sour blueberry flavored sativa edibles. I took one and a half servings and waited for the fun to happen. And boy did it ever! My point is that Wana edibles are some of my favorite edibles. Forbes recently did a profile on the founder of the company, Nancy Whiteman. She’s not the person you would expect she would be.

First of all, Nancy is not your typical cannabis entrepreneur. She is in her sixties, has a degree from an ivy league college, and was the owner of a marketing consulting firm before she decided to try her hand in the cannabis industry. Whiteman says that, unlike other canna-preneurs, she has been in business a long time and knows the way things work. One can see this when looking at her company. Today, Wana edibles is one of the top edibles companies in the industry, and was ranked number one in edibles by BDS analytics, which tracks cannabusinesses.

Whiteman’s story is becoming a more common one among the upstarts in the industry. More and more established business executives are leaving their former positions to move to the cannabis industry, a lucrative, yet risky industry. It seems to be paying off pretty well for them.

Source: Forbes

Image Source: Dope Magazine

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