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We May Soon Get Weed Emojis

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When it comes to texting, there is no shortage of emojis, you know those fun little emoticons that seem to accompany every text message, social media post, and are sometimes even on emails from my professors. Except that there are no emojis for stoners. Whenever I need to use a weed emoji (which happens more than you might think), I have to use the leaf emoji, or a cloud emoji to indicate a cloud of smoke, or this angry looking guy blowing smoke out of his nose. Usually my point gets across, but it sure would be nice to have some weed emojis.

One company is looking to change that. Make way for Kushmoji, soon to be the only emoji app especially for stoners! The app will offer every emoji that a stoner could possibly want, including the various faces that we make when we’re high, bongs, pot leaves, and even munchie foods.

Kushmoji founder Ben Tyson is also partnering with various cannabis brands such as dispensaries, grow farms, makers of edibles, and even vape companies to have their products featured his app. According to the official Kushmoji site, some of the companies that they will be partnering with include: Leafs By Snoop, Infusiasm, Mary Jane’s Medicinals, and Incredibles, just to name a few.

Tyson is doing something both innovative, and wonderful for businesses in the cannabis industry. Since cannabis is still prohibited ‘under federal law, it can be exceedingly difficult for these businesses to advertise and do other business. Kushmoji will certainly help them gain the exposure that they need to tap into the booming cannabis industry.

The app is currently in development. They are running beta tests as we speak. You can get an invite by going here. I just requested mine. Hopefully I hear back!

Source: Civilized

Image Source: Huffington Post

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