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How To Maximize Your Kief Collection

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How to collect extra kief

Are you getting as much kief from your bud as you could be? You’re probably not, which means you’re missing out. Luckily, there are things that you can do to rectify this situation. Try some of these tricks to maximize your kief collection.

Don’t Grind Too Much Herb At A Time

This is a common mistake that a lot of greenhorns make. Grinding up too much herb at one time will actually cause you to collect less kief. Grind only what you will need. If you try to grind too much, then your kief won’t sift properly. As with most things, moderation is key. To easily collect kief you need a grinder with a pollen screen. We offer many herb grinders that do the trick. 

Dry Nugs Will Yield More Kief

You’re definitely going to get more kief from dry nugs, than you will with fresh nugs. I’m sure you’ve noticed that as your herb begins to dry out, kief falls off easier. Grinding fresh herb will help some, but you’re not going to get as much kief out of it. There are ways to dry out your bud if your goal is to collect as much kief as possible. You can try sticking your herb in the freezer for about ten minutes to dry it out. This probably won’t change the potency, provided you don’t freeze it for longer than a half hour, but it will slightly affect the taste of your cannabis and the way it smokes. You could using a hair dryer, which could work, so long as you keep it on a low setting.

Throw Your Grinder In The Freezer

If you haven’t cleaned your grinder in a while, try throwing it in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes. Afterward, hit your grinder on a hard surface a couple times and that should shake a lot if the stuck kief loose. This works even better in tandem with the coin trick. I’ve used this trick many times and it’s always worked well for me.

Keep It In a Stash Jar

If you tend to keep your cannabis in a baggie you’ve probably noticed all the crystals that get stuck to the bag once you’ve smoked your stash. If you’ve ever tried to get kief from a bag you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be. This is one of the reasons why you should keep your cannabis in a stash jar. Kief collects very nicely in the bottom of a stash jar and it’s much easier to collect than trying to scrape it the sides of a bag. Try smacking the jar against your palm, or lightly against a hard surface. This will knock a lot of it loose and it will be much easier to collect the goods.

Do The Coin Trick

The coin trick is one of the go-to tricks to get more kief from your grinder. Just make sure to clean the coin first, because first of all coins are gross; secondly, the oil from the coin being handled will cause the kief to cake all over the coin rather than your kief collector where you want it. Once you’ve cleaned the coin using rubbing alcohol. I usually like to use a nickel rather than a dime or penny because the size to weight ratio. Anything larger than a nickel, such as a quarter is too big, in my opinion. I tried a quarter once and I managed to scratch the shit out of my grinder.

Clean Your Grinder

You’re going to want to clean your grinder regularly in order to get the most kief out of it. If you don’t clean your grinder enough then the screen will become clogged and you won’t be able to catch as much kief. Of course, you should only clean your grinder after you’ve gotten all the kief that you want from it, otherwise you’ll lose it, obviously. Remember all the kief you were able to collect the first time you used your grinder? If you clean your grinder regularly it will be like that every time! Clean your grinder the same way you would a piece: carefully with rubbing alcohol. Use a toothbrush or a paintbrush to get extra kief out before scrubbing it with rubbing alcohol. 

Try out these tips and never worry about losing out on all the kief that you could be collecting again! I’ve been using some of these tricks for years and they’ve always worked out for me. Now, you too can be rolling in the kief. Find our more about kief and how to decarb and use it now.  

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Do you have any tips for collecting kief? Share with us in the comments!