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Most Marijuana Edibles For Sale Are Mislabeled

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It might be more than your metabolism preventing your edibles from really kicking in. A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that a whopping 83% of marijuana edibles for sale in dispensaries in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles were mislabeled when it comes to their actual THC content.

The report found that 23% of products were under-labeled, meaning they contained more THC than was reported on the label. 60% were over-labeled, meaning that the packaging claimed that the product contained higher THC content than was actually the case. In the worst cases, some edibles actually contained virtually no THC at all! This is obviously a major concern for customers. However, under-labeling is an equal concern, since consuming more than one intended is a sure way to ruin one’s day.

One of the alleged benefits of marijuana legalization has been the introduction of standards, allowing consumers to refine their taste in marijuana. It also allows for specific combinations of cannabinoids to be utilized for different purposes. Mislabeling both hinders the effectiveness of the product and erodes consumer confidence.

There are currently no legal states with labeling regulations that match those of food, alcohol, and vitamin supplements, never mind the requirements for pharmaceutical medications. It is therefore up to the industry to properly regulate itself, before any of the ground gained in the legal marijuana industry is lost. Incompetent or unscrupulous labeling of edibles is a sure step back. Might be best to just keep smoking/vaping/dabbing for now.