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Another Marijuana Commercial Pulled Before Airing

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Oregon’s KATU-TV has prevented a marijuana commercial from airing, following the lead of other stations that have cancelled controversial advertisements just before they were set to go live.

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference hoped to encourage a wave of new attendees with their new advertisement, which was set to air tonight. Instead, it has met the same fate as a recent marijuana commercial that was set to air in Denver.

KATU General Manager John Tamerlano explained the situation in vague terms to Willamette Week on Tuesday:

“After further review, we have decided to step back. We don’t accept advertising for marijuana.”

The cancellation came as a shock, as the content of the advertisement had already been approved and there was nothing to suggest that it would be pulled so suddenly. KATU said that they had initially given it the green light, but stepped back after changing their minds on the station’s policy toward cannabis-related content.

It appears as though the reasoning boils down to media attention. KATU doesn’t want to be known as the first station to air a cannabis-related commercial. They were quite alright with the content until they saw how much attention it was receiving.

The advertisement isn’t actually for marijuana itself. It’s for an upcoming conference that will discuss the implications of cannabis legalization in the state. If the advertisement were for strains, products or dispensaries, one might understand the call – fearing retribution from the federal government is a game-changer at many news stations.

This “marijuana commercial” is actually less than that. It’s an educational spot promoting an open and honest discussion.

Adding to the shock is the timing at which this announcement comes. Oregon will soon allow medical marijuana shops to sell to the general public, ahead of the proposed schedule. If a conference on effect that will have on business in Oregon isn’t timely, we’re not sure what is.

You can check out their informative “marijuana commercial” and decide for yourself how dangerous the content is.

If you’re interested in joining the conference, you can find tickets and further information on their official website: