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Marijuana can now be taken on a plane in Oregon legally

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Flyers at Portland’s Airport are allowed to take up to an ounce of marijuana with them on the plane as long their destination is also within the state.

But smoking marijuana in public remains illegal and due to non-smoking flights, passengers won’t be allowed to enjoy their cargo on board anyway.

If travellers carrying cannabis wish to fly outside of Oregon they will be asked to “go back outside the security check point and store that recreational marijuana in a safe place,” an airport official told KGW.

In 1973, Oregon was the first US state to decriminalise the possession of small amounts of cannabis and was one of the first states legalise its medicinal use in 1998. The recreational use of cannabis was legalised within the state on 1 July this year.

Transport Security Administration (TSA) officers will not be focused on finding marijuana, officials have said. But if the drug is found they will check passengers’ tickets to ensure that they are flying within the state.

There are five Oregon destinations which travellers carrying marijuana can fly to from Portland – North Bend, Redmond, Eugene, Pendleton and Medford.

Oregon law states that you must be over 21 to smoke marijuana and that you cannot possess more than an ounce of the drug in public.