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Marijuana App Provides Prescription and Pot In Minutes

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Marijuana delivery to your door? There’s an app for that.

A new smartphone marijuana app, EAZE for iPhone and Android provides the lowest barrier to entry yet for medical marijuana patients in the Bay area, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

Users simply download the app, provide their existing doctors recommendation (or get a new one via online consultation) and choose the buds, edibles or concentrates they want delivered to their home.

By pairing the current legal framework of California with the sharing economy that is taking over the world, the app allows dispensaries to sign up to sell their inventory via EAZE. It also allows drivers to sign up to deliver the goods.

This is, of course, a crucial service to medical marijuana patients who are home bound or for other reasons can’t get to the closest physical dispensary. It is also an employment opportunity for those with a valid drivers license, offering up to $30/hr, according to the website,

Unsurprisingly, the legality of the whole service has come under scrutiny by the forces against legalization and medical access. But given that home delivery was long the standard for pre-legalization marijuana economy (and still remains common), one can only see the legitimacy Eaze offers home delivery as a net positive for the movement.