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Marijuana And Sex: How Do They Mix?

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While most marijuana users have given it a go (at least, if given the chance), there are varying opinions on the result of mixing sex and cannabis.

It’s historically been recognized for having powerful aphrodisiacal effects, increasing pleasure while isolating the lovers from any potential distraction and intensifying the experience. On the other hand, many claim that it drives them too deep into self-reflection and removes from the experience overall. Either way, it’s obvious that there’s no clear consensus on the subject.

To find something that resembles an answer, you have to first decide which perspective you want to explore. The first would be from a physiological level – what actually happens to the body when you smoke marijuana and then engage in sex. The second is from a more subjective level – what people are actually saying, regardless of what science might suggest.

There haven’t been quite enough studies (and could there ever be?) on the physical effects of marijuana while engaging in sex. We know it generally raises your heart rate, which gets the blood flowing quicker into the more important places, and we know that it can cause what we’re going to call “traveling cotton mouth” to avoid any trouble with our editor. It doesn’t seem to be a common complaint, but it’s possible.

Basic physical changes aside, there’s nothing that clearly states whether sexual pleasure is affected by marijuana use. If anyone is interested in starting such a study and needs participants, my contact information is listed above.

We can go beyond science to find a better answer, though. The experience of marijuana and sex is subject to personal opinion, and everyone experiences each activity differently, so it makes sense that each individual should know for themselves whether they prefer it or not. The majority? They find that it increases the length and pleasure of the sexual experience and that sexual desires are amplified after using cannabis.

That means that most people get hornier, do it for longer and enjoy it more.

It’s not a guarantee, and it should be noted that a minority of respondents to relevant surveys were either not affected or had a negative experience. But should you give it a try if you haven’t yet? It can’t hurt!

On that note, famous fears about infertility should be brushed aside. While early studies might have drawn a connection between heavy marijuana use and lower sperm counts and testosterone levels, that doesn’t hold up any more. Better, more recent studies have not been able to establish the same connection made by those earlier studies, which may have been motivated by an objective. Sperm count may be reduced, but that doesn’t mean infertility.

No matter what, we can all agree that marijuana and sex are a great match, at least when it comes to aesthetics. Whether you find that using cannabis opens you up to your partner or shuts down everything down below, marijuana and sex will remain a controversial topic – at least until we can get that study going.