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Maker of Blue Moon Will Launch Their Own Cannabis Beer This Fall

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Now that cannabis legalization is quickly spreading across the US, cannabis is more popular than ever. This means of course that alcohol companies, in particular beer companies, are seeing their profits start to plummet. Some are trying to go against the changing tide by fighting cannabis legalization tooth and nail. Others have ceased fighting and are instead embracing the potential new market. The maker of Blue Moon is one of the latter, as they plan to release their own cannabis beer this fall.

The cannabis beer does not contain alcohol (federal law prohibits cannabis infused alcoholic beverages), will only mimic the effects of drinking beer. This will of course be done by using different cannabis formulas. There will be three different varieties released in all. The beer will first be released in Colorado, beginning this fall. Eventually, MillerCoors (the company that manufactures Blue Moon) hopes to have their cannabis beer available in all the recreational states.

“This is really about brewing great beers that beer drinkers love,” said Keith Villa, the mind behind Blue Moon, as well as the new cannabis beer. “You’d just swap out an alcoholic beer for one of our beers.” Villa‚Äôs cannabis beer would be different from other cannabis beers out on the market because rather than simply having a distinct cannabis flavor, this particular one would actually get you high, which sounds pretty dank to me.

What also makes this cannabis beer different is that the different cannabis formulas used in each drink can induce different types of highs. One for example, would induce euphoria, much like different strains of cannabis would. I don’t know about you, but I will totally get down on this beer.


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