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This Maine Restaurant Gets Lobsters High Before Cooking Them

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A popular restaurant in Maine is giving their lobsters hits of cannabis before cooking them. The reason why, might surprise you. When Charlotte Gill, the owner of Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound, got the idea to start getting her lobsters high before cooking them, she wasn’t thinking about what effect this might have on the food she serves her customers. Charlotte was more concerned for the welfare of the animals, that is the pain that she believes lobsters feel as they are being cooked alive (I mean, they scream when you cook them and being boiled alive has got to hurt, right?)

In an interview with Charlotte describes her thought process. “This place brings so much joy. If you could stand in outer space and look at this one little spot, you would see so much light and happiness. But it all comes at the expense of the lobster.” This was when she decided to try giving one of her lobsters cannabis.

After reading up on the effects of cannabis on invertebrates, Charlotte and her staff filled a cardboard box with an inch of water, covered it, then poked a hole in the box to stick a straw in. She then blew smoke into the box, which contained a lobster she’d named Roscoe. Hotboxing Roscoe caused a noticeable change in his demeanor. “There was no desire to pinch or grab,” Charlotte said.

The THC treated lobsters have not been served to customers yet. Charlotte wants to make sure that the meat does not cause people to test positive for THC. Charlotte’s father has been her guinea pig in that department. So far he has tested negative and reports that he thinks the meat tastes better. 

Cannabis is legal for recreational use in Maine.


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