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LucidMood: A Cannabis Product For People Who Don’t Use Cannabis

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Boulder, CO based cannabis company Chooze, which specializes in products made from cannabidiol (CBD), has introduced a new product called LucidMood, which is expected to change the way that people think about cannabis. LucidMood is specifically geared toward those who want to try cannabis, but for one reason or another don’t want to deal with the effects of THC.

So, what exactly is LucidMood? According to their site, they are “fun, discrete [sic], convenient, portable attractive vape pens are great for heading to a concert, movie, show, meeting, cocktail party, before and after a workout!” LucidMood’s “sipper pens” as they are called come in four different moods: bliss, energy, focus, and relax.

Charles Jones, the founder of Chooze and a cognitive science decided to start researching cannabis after a friend inquired about it. He began experimenting with different combinations of cannabinoids and figured out that he could use those combinations to create specific moods. Then LucidMood was born.

Jones offers a detailed explanation of his process in a piece in the Denver magazine Westword, “This started with some research, some educated guesses, and then we did 600 observational studies to test whether those guesses were right.” The process is, as you can imagine, pretty complicated.

On figuring out which terpenes could be used to create different moods, Jones had this to say:

The terpene profile for the sativa and the terpene profile for the indica are quite different in terms of how many terpenes are in the plant, and those different terpenes account for the different effects and the different moods. So we simply isolated the terpenes that are energizing, for example, and took those and no others and put them into our energy formulation.

The disposable sipper pens are expected to change the way cannabis is marketed, and could even bring it into the mainstream, at least that’s what Jones and everyone else at Chooze are hoping for. The pens don’t require charging, and are meant to be thrown away after use, so they’re perfect for people who don’t want to advertise the fact that they are using them. New moods, including “party”, are expected to be available soon. 

LucidMood pens are available all over Colorado, so if you’re a resident, you should definitely check them out.

Source: Westword

Image Source: International Business Times

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