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The Legalization Movement’s Uneasy Alliance With Roger Stone

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There’s a lot not to like about Roger Stone. He is a long time GOP operative and advisor to Donald Trump. Disgraced former president Richard Nixon who also started the Drug War was his mentor. His social media presence could best be described as “deranged”. So why might he be the unlikely hero of the legalization movement? Roger Stone thinks cannabis should be rescheduled, and he might be the only one who can convince Trump to do it.

Stone has just formed a group called the United States Cannabis Coalition with the mission to “lobby the Trump administration from the top on down to recognize the medicinal value and potential of cannabis.” Stone said in an interview with Vice, that his goal was to convince Trump to keep his campaign promise regarding leaving cannabis legalization up to the states. In other words, Stone is going to try to get Trump to call off his attack dog, aka Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Can Roger Stone save legal cannabis? He claims that he was able to convince his former mentor Richard Nixon that the War on Drugs was a mistake after “showing him the statistics.” Trump has not been very straightforward about his views on cannabis. He’s said in the past that he believes cannabis should be legalized. He said on the campaign trail that things in Colorado were “bad”(unsurprisingly, he didn’t elaborate on what was actually “bad”, but this may have been him pandering to his Republican base. Trump also said that he believed that cannabis legalization was a state’s rights issue. Last week, Sessions asked Congress to allow him to go after people who use medical cannabis, undoing an Obama era protection.

Things may get complicated. Roger Stone is currently under investigation for his possible ties to Russia, and that investigation is not going to be concluding any time soon. That being said, he’s probably going to be pretty busy dealing with a federal trial.

I do not like Roger Stone whatsoever. He’s a proud racist and misogynist. I mean, you’ve got to be pretty bad when Fox News tells you to get out and never come back. I’ll stand in his corner for this fight, however. Will he be the unlikely hero the legalization movement needs?

Source: Vice

Image Source: New York Post

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