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Legal Marijuana Starts Today In Oregon

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Legal marijuana in Oregon starts today. But getting a supply of legal weed might prove challenging given the current law.

Nine months after Measure 91 made Oregon the third state (after Colorado and Washington) to legalize recreational marijuana, July 1, 2015 marked the first day in which Oregon residents over the age of 21 could legally possess and consume cannabis.

While the legal weed industry has already exploded in Colorado, Oregon is taking a more measured approach. Currently, adults are allowed to privately cultivate up to four marijuana plants to use and share with others.

Applications for large-scale retail and growing will not be accepted until the start of 2016, and experts believe that the first store-bought weed will not be available until fall of that year. This creates an odd current scenario where possession is legal, but there is no way to legally buy cannabis. It can only be privately grown and shared. To help fill this gap, the Portland Chapters of NORML has pledged to give away large quantities of medical marijuana, as well as seeds to help adults start growing and sharing their own recreational weed.

Oregon residents, tell us your stories about the first day of legalization in our comments section.