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Leaf Will Find a Way

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Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Justice Department had effectively rescinded the Cole Memo. The Cole Memo, which had been in effect since the Obama administration, prevented federal law enforcement from going after medical cannabis users and growers in legal medical states, by denying them the federal funding to so.

Now that the Cole Memo has been rescinded, there’s nothing to stop Jeff Sessions from sending the Justice Department and the DEA after law abiding citizens once he gets the funding. In fact, he has already asked state attorneys to prosecute those who are in “violation of federal law.”

Some are speculating that this will be the beginning of the end for the legal cannabis industry. While I agree that this news is certainly alarming. I do not think that this is the end of the line for legal weed. To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum: leaf will find a way.

Leaf Will Find a Way

The cannabis industry has shown in the past that it is easily adaptable. Much like cannabis plants themselves, it can easily adapt to its environment. So, how will the cannabis industry survive Jeff Sessions’ impending assault? For one, his actions don’t have a lot of support, particularly from lawmakers in legal states. Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said in an interview with ICBC that this was just an attempt by Sessions to appear relevant, and that Rohrabacher-Farr is still the law of the land. In the event that Congress doesn’t renew Rohrabacher-Farr and does give Sessions the go ahead to go after cannabis, how will the industry cope?

One answer lies in apps like GreenMed. GreenMed is the world’s first crypto currency backed app that allows its users to pay for their green using their own debit cards. How it works is users buy GreenMed currency, which is then exchanged for regular US currency. How does this tie into Jeff Sessions? Well, if Sessions does decide to come after law abiding citizens in legal states, he will not only go after dispensary owners, he will also target their customers as well. One of GreenMed’s best features is its discretion. GreenMed users don’t have to worry about their names showing up in some sort of database, despite using their debit cards to make their purchases. This should calm the worries of cannabis users afraid of getting busted.

Another thing to consider is that cannabis businesses that use GreenMed have an extra wall between them and the US Government. Since GreenMed operates using cryptocurrency, this will ensure that if in the unfortunate event that your business is raided by the feds, they will not be able to confiscate your earnings, as they will be safely stored in cryptocurrency.

No matter how Sessions and the DOJ decide to proceed, one thing is for sure, leaf will find a way.