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A Last Minute Gift Guide for the Rad Dad in Your Life

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Are you still looking for some last minute Father’s Day gifts for the dad in your life? This last minute gift guide may hold the answers you seek!

Glass Spoon Pipe – Double Layer Fume on Green Glass with Clear Marbles

Not just any glass pipe will do for a dad; they need something sturdy and thick that will withstand being dropped, and will not crack or chip when tapped into an ashtray. If dad’s wanting some thick ass glass, he’ll love this double layer fume on green glass pipe from Mountain Jam Glass Company. This extra girthy pipe features an extra large bowl and hits more like a steamroller than your average everyday spoon pipe.

RAW Natural King Size Slim Rolling Papers – Box of 50 Packs

If dad prefers smoking joints over glass then you cannot go wrong with a box of rolling papers. With so many to choose from, which do you go with? My advice, go with something simple and straightforward like these RAW king size hemp rolling papers. A pack of 50 should last him at least until Christmas.

Double layer fume glass pipe. Image Source:

Reusable Glass Filter Tip

If dad prefers the ruggedness of rolling a joint, but loves the taste of glass, be sure you don’t forget to get him some glass tips to accompany his joints. Each reusable tip is made from sturdy borosilicate glass and is made to fit most styles of joint. Never suffer through a filterless joint again!

PypTek Prometheus Dreamroller Steamroller Pipe

If he is more of the engineering type who loves taking things apart to see how they work, then dad’s guaranteed to be a big fan of the Prometheus Dreamroller steamroller pipe from PypTek. This technologically advanced version of the traditional steamroller pipe is made and assembled right here in the USA. The outer shell is made from Aerospace grade 6061 aluminum, which is sure to impress. The inner core is made from high quality borosilicate glass that is easy to maintain and made to last!

The Dreamroller by PypTek. Image Source:

Glasscity Ice Bong with Rocket Perc and Cooling Tubes | 20 Inch

Let’s be honest, dad probably likes his hits to pack a punch, but he doesn’t want to spend all his time hacking up a lung. Hence why he’ll love this ice bong with rocket perc and cooling tubes from our own in house brand Glasscity! The rocket perc ensures his hits are as powerful as he wants, while the cooling tubes promise the smoothest hits possible. Perfect for the man with distinguished tastes.

Glasscity ice bong with rocket perc and cooling tubes. Image Source:

Black Leaf Beaker Base Ice Bong | 9mm

Looking for the perfect starter bong for dad? You cannot go wrong with this thick beaker base ice bong from Black Leaf. At 9mm thick this beast is pretty much guaranteed never to break (I mean it’s still glass so don’t try to test its durability by throwing it at a brick wall or something), making it a great companion for the garage or toolshed, or wherever dad prefers to spend most of his time when not watching various sports ball games (this is a joke, I obviously know what sprots are).

Happy Father’s Day!

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Got any other ideas you’d like to add? Hilariously bad dad jokes? Share them all in the comments below!