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Las Vegas Says You’ve Gotta Leave Your Herb

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If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas in the near future (and you really should!) you should plan on leaving any herb that you acquire during your trip behind, the Vegas Sun reports. No, seriously.

The Las Vegas airport just had around 13 dropboxes installed all around the vicinity for people to drop off their legally purchased cannabis (along with other things). The goods are then “destroyed” by a third party. Whether or not all that cannabis is actually destroyed, or rather just “disappeared” is a matter of speculation, at least by me. Before the idea gets into your head, just know that the drug deposit boxes are bolted down, heavily monitored and probably impossible, so don’t even think about trying to bust into them.

If you do decide to throw caution to the wind and try to bring your reefer into the airport, then you will absolutely get the cops called on you, and if you have over an ounce on you (the maximum allowable amount in Nevada) then you will be charged with felony possession. If you have the legal amount, that is an ounce or below then you’ll be issued a citation and that’s probably it. Cannabis is not that high of a priority for law enforcement these days, unless we’re talking about the Justice Department.

Regardless of how low a priority cannabis enforcement seems to be, the fact remains that it’s still illegal, and you should not try to sneak it out of the state. Fair warning.

Source: Vegas Sun

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