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Lagunitas has a new Cannabis Beer and it looks Dank as Hell

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Lagunitas Brewing company has revealed a new cannabis beer and I can’t wait to try it! Some people don’t like to mix their herb and their hops, but I am not one of them. Neither is Lagunitas apparently. Partnering with cannabis brand CannaCraft, they created this new IPA, called Supercritical. Supercritical is made from different cannabis terpenes and cannabis oils of the popular strains Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies. The resulting flavor is very much like the earthy, herbal taste, and slightly sweet taste that makes up the two strains. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

The brewing company has made their enthusiam for cannabis and cannabis culture very well known.  The company was almost shut down when they lost their brewing licesnse after getting a drug bust at a company party, an event that is often referred to as the St. Partrick’s Day Massacre. You might remember the extremely limited release of  cannabis beer The Waldos’.   Don’t expect to drink it and get high though! This cannabis beer is not going to give you any of the psychoactive effects of smoking a bowl. This is strictly for cannabis connoisseurs who love the taste and aroma of a good strain of cannabis. It sounds like a great beer to drink on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Sadly, this delicious new brew is only available in California, but one can imagine that Lagunitas would take it national if sales go well in California. There has been so much focus on cannabis and wine pairings as of late, why is there not nearly the amount of interest in cannabis and beer? Hopefully this changes soon, and we see more cannabis beer.

Source: Fortune

Image Source: Twitter

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