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How Do You Know You’ve Leveled Up To A ‘Stoner?’

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There are basic supplies every stoner should have, but at what point are you no longer considered a noob? If you have these pieces, then you can consider yourself leveled up. If you don’t have any of these yet, consider this your head-shopping list.

A Good Vape

Vaping your cannabis is better than the typical combustion method for a number of reasons. Vapes are more efficient. They use up less of your stash and are still guaranteed to get you just as high. Vaporizers also burn your cannabis cleaner than lighting with butane. Smoking the traditional way still allows for you to inhale carcinogens and tar, whereas vaping your cannabis makes it so you take in more cannabinoids that would normally be lost through the combustion methods.

Vapes heat cannabis at a lower temperature and eliminate all the nasty byproducts that come with smoking. As an additional bonus, vapes produce less of a smell. Smokers who are health conscious and wish to remain discreet, should most definitely vape their cannabis.

Medical Grade Grinder

There are many different reasons to own a grinder. Most ways of smoking cannabis are made a lot better with a grinder. Some methods, like vaping, require the use of a grinder. There are a lot of different types of grinders out there, like acrylic, wood or metal. What you really want is an aluminum medical grade grinder. These last longer than acrylic or wood grinders, start to lose their teeth with age.

Metal grinders are also more efficient with catching kief. Medical grade metal grinders are also more sanitary than the alternative. Wood is easily damaged and plastic or acrylic are usually cheaply made, which makes you more likely to lose some of your cannabis and they do not catch kief as well


When I first started smoking from a bong, the one problem I had with them was that I would always cough up a lung, no matter how small a rip I would take. Stoner technology changed that with the invention of diffusers and percolators. The advantage to having a diffuser is that they allow for a smoother pull, which has all but eliminated coughing for me.

The diffuser works to filter and cool the smoke so that the bowl burns less quickly and gives you a smoother hit. Have you ever noticed how much faster a bong bowl can burn up when you hit it hard? A diffuser fixes this. As opposed to a percolator which is built into the bong, a diffuser is a type of downstem that can be fit into pretty much any bong. Percolators are amazing, but since they are built into the bong, you have to buy a completely new bong. Diffusers allow you to customize your existing bong.

Dab Kit

There are so many different varieties of dab kits, I can’t possibly get into them all. Dabbing is the new raison d’ etre for many stoners. Dabbing is probably the most effective way to utilize your cannabis because it uses concentrates, which are much stronger than smoking straight cannabis. Dabs are easy once you have all the materials you need: BHO concentrate, usually referred to as oil, wax or budder, an oil rig (or bong), nail and torch. Chances are you have at least half of those things already. Some have expressed concern that once you start dabbing dried cannabis won’t get you high anymore. I can tell you from personal experience that is definitely not the case. I’ve taken plenty of dabs in my lifetime and smoking regular cannabis still gets me sufficiently high.

If you have any or all of these things, you’ve been around the block as far as experience. You can safely say that you have moved to the next level on your cannabis smoking adventure.

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What do you think qualifies someone as an intermediate level stoner? Let us know in the comments!