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Kathy Bates Stars As A Dispensary Owner In New Netflix Comedy “Disjointed”

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Kathy Bates, who is absolutely in my top ten list of the goat (greatest of all time) actresses, is starring in a new comedy series from Netflix called Disjointed. Bates, stars as a former legalization advocate turned dispensary owner in LA. Disjointed is a new series from Chuck Lorre, who is responsible for The Big Bang Theory and the reprehensible Two and a Half Men.

The trailer, which you can watch here, looks a lot like The Big Bang Theory, except about stoner culture. One scene from the trailer features a man taking a hit of some Skywalker OG to which he says in his best/worst Yoda impression, “Stoned I am getting.” I’m sure that joke has not been told a billion times. It looks like you can expect the same quick witted dialogue from Disjointed  that we’ve come to expect from TBBT. I expect this show will do the same thing for stoner culture that TBBT did for nerd culture: celebrate it, mock it, and completely misrepresent it. There will be lots of stoner jokes and plays on old stereotypes that we’ve only finally started to overcome.

Of course, I could be wrong. Kathy Bates has a way of turning everything into gold. She was the only watchable part of American Horror Story: Coven. I’m sure that she’ll be witty as hell in this show. Bates also used cannabis when she was treating herself for both breast and ovarian cancer and said that it “helped tremendously”.

I have no doubt it will be at least mildly funny. The first few seasons of TBBT were pretty damn funny, and being a huge nerd I got most of the jokes and a lot of them were pretty good. I’ll probably get all of the jokes in Disjointed too. I just hope it’s not all “HURR-DURR look we’re smoking weed! Haha we’re stoners!” type of humor because that would be really irritating. Nonetheless I’ll be checking it out when it becomes available for streaming on the 25th.

Source: Variety

Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

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