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Just a Reminder: Don’t Bring Weed to Coachella

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Now that Coachella is approaching, it’s probably time to remind everyone that weed is still not allowed at Coachella. Okay, that was your last warning. You’re on your own now. My thoughts on this is why would anyone want to go to Coachella if they can’t even smoke weed? Have you seen the lineup this year? It’s quite lackluster.

California law does allow cannabis use by anyone over the age of 21, but the catch is that you can only smoke it inside of your home. You may not light up on a street corner, a park, the beach, and also Coachella.

In case you decide to bring weed into Coachella anyways, there will be what is called an “amnesty box” placed at the front entrance for you to drop your weed and other assorted illicit substances, without any legal repercussion.

Should you choose to throw caution to the wind and not comply with the amnesty box, one of two things will happen: you’ll be able to sneak your party favors into Coachella and have a great time, or you will be caught by the Indio police department who will be patrolling the festival.

If you think you’re sly enough to avoid getting caught by the police, you should be aware that there will be additional security besides foot patrol officers. Earlier last week, festival organizers announced that they would be using drones to prevent another tragedy like what happened in Las Vegas last year. That seems like a noble enough reason, but it doesn’t seem like the real reason for using drones. Drones would be more useful in catching people smoking a harmless joint, than catching a mass shooter. So, it seems that the once fun and laidback music festival has gone full fascist police state. Why would anyone go to this anymore?

Source: Desert Sun

Image Source: Billboard

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