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What Jeff Sessions Means For The Future Of Cannabis

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Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed as the Attorney General for the Trump administration. This naturally has many in the cannabis industry very nervous, and rightfully so. Sessions has not been quiet about his opposition to cannabis reform of any kind, and has even made the statement that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” It’s not time to abandon hope yet; there are a couple different ways that this could turn out.

It Could Be The End Of Reform As We Know It

In the past,  Jeff Sessions has openly criticized the Obama administration for not being tough enough on cannabis. He’s said that he believes the federal law should be enforced. Worst case scenario, he decides to go hard on cannabis, enforce federal laws, and a decade’s worth of cannabis reform will be reversed. Things will go back to the way they were, and you’ll see our judicial system once again become clogged with people arrested for possession.

We Could Continue On The Current Path

As Attorney General, Sessions’ first focus is not going to be on cannabis; the GOP is probably more concerned with jailing activists (which terrifies me a lot more) than reversing a decade’s worth of legislation. Sessions said at his confirmation that it’s up to Congress to make the laws that he will enforce. I’d say that it’s pretty unlikely that he’s going to go against Congress. If Congress were to pass a law about enforcing federal prohibition, then I would start worrying.

Congress Might Legalize Cannabis

There are some members of Congress who are wary of Jeff Sessions and what he might do, so they might be planning to fast track cannabis legalization. There is already a bill going through Congress which would remove CBD from the Controlled Substance Act. There are also murmurings of members of the US House writing a bill which would treat cannabis like alcohol. If Congress passes such a law, per Sessions’ own words, he will enforce it.

Although it may be tempting, I don’t think that it’s time to panic and freak out. I feel like there has been enough of that lately. Stay calm, stay vigilant, and keep fighting.

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