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Jeff Sessions Is Involved In A Lawsuit Over Cannabis

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NFL star Marvin Washington, former defensive end for the New York Jets, has joined a lawsuit against Jeff Sessions to decriminalize cannabis. The lawsuit is also going after the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). The lawsuit alleges that cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional. The argument is that under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA), cannabis, a Schedule I substance is considered more dangerous than cocaine or methamphetamine, both Schedule II substances. “The record makes clear that the CSA doesn’t make any rational sense and the federal government knows it,” says attorney Michael Hiller.

Other plaintiffs in the lawsuit include Jose Belen, a veteran who uses medicinal cannabis to control his PTSD, and Alexis Bortell, an eleven year old boy who needs cannabis to control epileptic seizures. Washington is joining the lawsuit because under the CSA he can’t get the federal grants to open up a business catering to other former NFL stars  who might want to use medicinal cannabis. Marvin played for 11 seasons and even won the Super Bowl in 1999 while playing with the Denver Broncos. Since retiring, Washington has joined other former NFL stars as a vocal advocate for medicinal cannabis.

Sessions is already having a bad month. He’s gotten on Trump’s bad side because of recusing himself from the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia. Trump said recently in an interview that he would have never picked Sessions if he’d known what he was going to do. There are also rumors that Trump is going to fire Sessions and put former NY mayor Rudy “stop and frisk” Giuliani in his place. Sessions has been threatening to crackdown on legal cannabis states since he was confirmed. A Justice Department report due out in the next couple days expects to link cannabis and immigration to violent crime, giving Sessions the ammo he needs to go after legal cannabis. Is this lawsuit how we will end prohibition?

Source: NY Post

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Will Sessions lose this lawsuit? Will he get canned by Trump? Share your predictions in the comments!